why should I care about SEO?
Easy!!!!!. We all want to make money, and if you spend time blogging then you'd like to have a return on that investment. In order to monetize your blog you first have to spend some time doing Search Engine Optimization in order to increase your rankings in the different SERPS.
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Claim your Blog on Technorati

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One way to drive traffic to your blog is to claim it in different blog directories, one of the best is technorati, they provide a pretty straight forward method to claim your Blogger.com blog. Once there they let you fill out your blog profile, including keywords, description and so on.

There is a side to this that most people don't understand. It's very hard sometimes for you to actually get into the top 10 SERPs on google.com and the major search engines, sometimes it takes months. But on most blog directories you can easily get into their top search results if you use the right keywords and descriptions, and since a lot of people visit these sites to find blogs they will eventually drive traffic towards you.

Also the profile page that it creates for your blog will get picked up pretty quickly by the major search engines, so this will also drive traffic towards your blog pretty quickly.

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